Live music photography, or concert photography, has always been a passion project for me as a Gold Coast Photographer. Some of Australia’s biggest bands and magazines have trusted me with capturing the unique energy every show brings.
The love we share for music and the emotion it can invoke is always at the front of mind when I am working as a music photographer.
 Bands work hard to make the best music they can, and then showcase that on both a grand scale and an intimate scale. Fans support bands they believe in and express themselves in ways that align to their own feelings. Music is an outlet and capturing these moments is a challenging task I couldn’t enjoy more.
Samples of My Music Photography Work.
What I love about music photography
Music photographers generally get three songs to capture the moment, the set and the energy present in the room. It’s this time restraint that made me want to try my hand as being a concert photographer. Coming from a social media background, photos tell stories and bands, magazines and labels all need stories to sell records. Every time I am shooting, I think about what the band needs in the images, whether they are using the photos on a poster or social media.
I started shooting bands in 2018. What I loved most about music photography is that I there is a bigger picture when capturing a still image, you had the audio of the band the roar of the crowd, some amazing and complex audio visual accompaniment and i get to freeze one frame to capture it all. I had my camera and a limited amount of time to create the concert photos. Those three songs I mentioned apply this huge amount of pressure that I live for. Making decisions on my shutter speed, aperture and ISO, all while considering the medium the photos will be displayed in. Music magazines might be dead, but that doesn’t mean demand has decreased.
Whether it’s shots of huge crowds, musicians painstakingly crafting the music that brings people together, or bands expelling endless energy recreating it in real time for thousands of people, it’s music photography that keeps my passion for photography alive. Having a small part in a band’s journey enhances my love for music that little bit more.

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